Domain Entrepreneurs List that a Domainbie may follow on Twitter

I’m a twitter-addict for long. It has been nearly 2 years since I’m using twitter regularly. I just compiled a Domain Entrepreneurs List that you may follow on twitter. As far as I know, most of of them are active tweople.

Here goes their user names and real names with details:

Twitter User Name : Real Name & Details
NeazMH : Neaz M H
DNJournal : Ron Jackson,
domainingcom : Francois,
DNMarket : Twitter Domain Marketplace
ChefPatrick : Chef Patrick, Domaining Blog
fmichlick : Frank Michlick, Domainer
namesugar : Jeremy Armer, Domainer
domainingtips : Jamie Parks, Domainer Developer
godrops : Go Drops, Expired Domains
DotSauce : DotSauce Magazine
domainbuyer : Ron James, NamePros
domainflipper : Morgan Linton, Domaining Blog
Sullys_Blog : Michael Sullivan, Domainer
domaintweeter : Available Domains
LovelyLeighAnn : Leigh Ann Barrick, Domainer
sharonhayes : Sharon Hayes, Domainer
indian_domains : Indian Domain Forum
Ed : Ed Shaz, Domainer
ebusinessnames : Kevin Jackson, Domainer
AQDN : Affordable Quality Domain Names
bidodotcom : Live Domain Auctions
scottfish : Scott Fish, Domainer
domaindiva : Lori Anne Wardi, Domainer
DomainNameNews : Domaining Blog
DomainNameWire : Domaining Blog
pfDomains : Paul Fisher, Domainer
DomainMagnate : Domaining Blog
dnxpert : John Motson, Domaining Blog
ElliotsBlog : Elliot Silver, Domaining Blog
teendomainer : Domaining Blog
DomainInformer : Domaining Website
CircleID : Internet & Domains Website
BuySellDomains : Domainer / Domain Portfolio
MarkRoah : Domainer
edendomains : Domainer
DaveZan : Dave Zan, Domainer
realcostdomains : Domainer
adamstrong : Adam Strong, Domainer
DNEvents : Domainer Events Calendar
nametrader : Domainer
Extravagant : Russel Rockefeller, Domainer
solokkhz : Domainer
bemarnet : Dietmar Stefitz, Domainer
brucemarler : Bruce Marler, Domainer
andrewwright : Andrew Wright,
jensale : Jen Sale,
PShilling : Peter Shilling, Domainer
dnURLs : Kevin M., Domainer
alexripps : Alex Ripps, Domainer
reddomain : Kannan, Domainer
Brian_Carr : Brian Carr, NameMedia
BuyDomains :
eBuv : David Bleaman, Domainer
jonathan360 : Jonathan N., Domainer
edomaining : Dan
You may drop your twitter username in comments box to get enlisted. Happy tweeting!

  • Dominique Saum

    Great list. But I guess you missed few other domainers I know on twitter.

  • Williams Veshedsky

    Please add me as well. I’m Williams Veshedsky on twitter.

  • Dong Heisel

    Never seen you actively selling or buying on domain forums. Seems like you are busy with developing. Thank you for such list. Bookmarked.

  • Harris Md.

    Very nice list. Almost perfect.

  • Hayden K.

    Great job. Thanks for your hard work to bring all the scattered list in one post. Keep it updated.

  • Sharif

    Can you add my username to the list?

  • Kyle

    Awesome list man. See you around at twitter.