The Three Options Domainbies Have After Domains Purchase

After domain purchase, you have to make very important decisions regarding your domain future. In the field of domaining, the most common fatal mistakes found in Domainbies is that they just start dreaming without doing anything with those domain they registered- like someday a multinational company will knock him or her saying “Hey your domain is very cool, we want to buy it at $xxxxx”. Wake up!!!! This is not going to happen unless your domain is very generic. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot expect $xxxxx from your domain. It is mainly depends upon your decisions and level of efforts.

You have 3 available options or decisions to choose about your registered domains:

a) Decision of Parking
b) Decision of Selling (Well known as Domain Flipping)
c) Decision of Developing domains

These options are described as follows:

a) Decision of Parking by Domainbie:
You’ve probably already heard of domain name parking. Technically, parking a domain name is nothing but pointing its DNS to parking provider page. If you have domain name that has natural type-in traffic and if you don’t want to develop it at present, you may decide to park your domains to earn from visitors click. There are several renowned parking companies where you can park your domains, such as,,,,,, etc. Whatever Parking Programs you choose for your domains, you have to consider few important things:
i) Is the parking company offering advertising to your domain from a “Direct Ad Network” or “3rd Party Ad Network”? Obviously, if the parking company uses Direct Ad Network will share more revenue with you than those who use 3rd Party Ad Network.

ii) How friendly Parking Company’s templates are? How easily the templates are customizable to your preferred keywords? If parking company provides you full authority to customize look and targeted keywords, then it is perfect to consider parking with them.

iii) Do they provide detailed revenue reports?

These are the core questions to be answered if you want to park your domains with a parking company.

b) Decision of Selling by Domainbie
The 2nd option, a Domainbie may choose for his or her domains, is to sell domains to others within short period of time. This is popularly known as Domain Flipping. There are two types of selling: i) Selling to Resellers and ii) Selling to End users. Resellers won’t pay as much as End users. This is natural since reseller will resell it to others. On the other hand, selling to end user is dream of every domainer.

c) Decision of developing domains by Domainbie
This is mostly ignored decisions by Domainbies whereas it has high potential of returns. This is why successful domainers suggest Domainbies to develop their domains because this is really hard to find any good domain without hefty amount of money being spent now. Well, you have to decide what you are going to do- is it better for you to hold 1000 domains to make immediate flipping OR to develop 20 domains to make sound sales?

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